Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Did You Run Today? A Hearty Question!

I ask that question a lot! I know it and I know it bugs some people and yet...

If you aren't daily active in your life, you can't even begin to imagine what you're missing.

And I know... you're tired already and how could you possibly find any more time to fit exercise into your completely packed schedule and you have aches and pains and every other excuse (or reason if you prefer) as to why you don't exercise.

Let me ask you one simple question; "What if exercising could give you back more time and productivity into your schedule?"

I recently took a train ride across this great country. Its a topic for a different blog post on a different blog yet what it did point out to me is how much I need exercise in my life.

The train from Los Angeles to Holland Michigan is just under 48 hours. That's two full days of sitting. Yes, you can move about the train, but without annoying the other passengers you can't really work up much of a sweat.

When I arrived in Holland I was exhausted and cranky. What did I do? First I slept. Then before anything else I went for a 13 mile run! Later in the day I added a 4 mile walk and another 3 mile run.

Net result: I felt rejuvenated!

I shouldn't have been surprised and honestly I wasn't. I've learned over thee years that the biggest key to overall health, happiness, mental crispness and just plain well-being is to get out and move.

Now I know I'm a little (OK maybe a lot) nuts and you may not be interested in running at least 20 mile a day and yet if you just walked two miles... 30 minutes a day, you would be amazed at the improvement in your overall health.

Tell me you can't find 30 minutes a day and I'll say I've found someone who isn't interested in truly enjoying life. Get up a half hour earlier. Stay up a half hour later. Instead of stuffing your face at lunch time, go for a walk or run or bike ride.

You can do this!

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise (a fast walk) 5 days a week can yield a significant improvement in cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular health is the key not only to making you physically stronger but also mentally sharper.

Think about it...

Literally every body function from movement to thought requires the delivery of nutrients and oxygen and the removal of waste products in the cells to happen. Don't believe me? Stop pumping oxygen rich blood to your brain and see what happens. Or try stopping the delivery of the right nutrients and fluids to your joints and see how well they work. Or how about stopping the flow of blood to your liver or kidneys?

We need oxygen and nutrient rich blood throughout our bodies to live and the number one way to ensure that is to take care of your cardiovascular system.

And... how do we do that? Move!

So the next time you hear or see me asking: "Did you run today?" Hopefully you'll understand, its not just because I want you to run. Its because I want you to live!

Now go get active!


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