Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Beginning of Week 5 and a Different Direction!

Wow! It hardly seems possible that it's been 5 weeks of run-commuting already. Well... actually four are complete.

That being said it is time for a change up from running to walking for possibly as much as a month. One thing I know is that when I am actually out there doing my first ultramarathon, there will be a fair amount of walking. From what I have learned, certainly at least the uphills will require walking... maybe more.

What will my focus be? How about changing my walking form for starters. As strange as this may sound, it is actually easier for me to run for any distance than it is for me to walk. That has got to change! And... it will. There is a science to walking form just as there is to running form. If more of us would pay attention to how we move, less of us would have long term injuries related to running and walking.

I'll keep you posted here over the next month as to my progress and how I feel as I make some changes.

The next step will be integrating the running and the walking for greater distances. That should be fun!

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