Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Insanity Begs for an Opportunity!

OK, so I've been itching for the opportunity to get out there and go the distance so to speak for quite some time now!

I guess, ever since my 24 hour treadmill run for charity was cancelled last January, I've just been looking for the chance.  I'm in training for an ultra marathon next January of 50 miles, but I really wanted to get out there and test my legs, so to speak and maybe see what I'm really made of.

When A friend who plays in a band, sent an invitation to hear them perform at the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in Culver City, a little switch went on in my head.  You know the switch?  The one where sanity meets its alter-ego.

How perfect an event.  First it is for a great cause; the American Cancer Society and since my Dad and younger brother have both had Melanoma operations I'm a big supporter.  Second it is a walking event around a track (easy to support).

Its Wednesday and the event is Saturday so there's not a lot of time for preparation.  Fortunately, my training has been "spot on" lately and the mileage has been very strong!  Fundraising - Thank God for Twitter, Facebook and a heavy email contacts list!  And thank goodness, I am not one of those people who ask folks to donate all of the time so I can call in a few chips.  The ink was barely dry on the first email before the donations started coming in!

I have awesome friends!

Other prep - Supplies like water, Gatorade, Clif Bars!  Since it is a walking event, I think the North Face Arnuva Boas(all 4 pairs) will probably get the nod over the Sauconys.  A lawn chair, a donation sign, other creative stuff for fun!  Most of the teams will have tents and such for the times when their members are not on the track however, since Team Tim is a one man show, I don't really see much need.  Maybe an easy-up if I can get my hands on one before the event.  Oh yeah and I get to try out my Black Diamond headlamp (very cool)!

Training schedule change - maybe a couple of quick 3-milers tomorrow to keep the legs loose and then rest on Friday.  Get good sleep on Thursday, since I will be pretty nervous on Friday night.

This is really cool!  I know there are those who might think this is insane or nuts, but I never really claimed to be otherwise so... OK!

I'll of course give you the full report after its done!

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