Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Miles, Miles, Miles!

This is building up to be a great year!

With my primary goal being to prepare for the Buffalo Run 50M next January in Catalina, I'm looking forward to a lot and I mean a whole lot of distance this next year.

I've set up a pretty intensive training program with loads of speed work and a lot of recovery runs to keep the volume up. I am also going back to strength training probably three days a week. It will be a test of my commitment and I am really looking forward to it!

I had been feeling a little flat since my 24 hour treadmill run got canceled and had kind of floundered around with my training for the last month. Now with a new plan in place, I'm re-focused and ready to roll.

I sold my mountain bike which means I am now completely one hundred percent a pedestrian. (I got rid of my car Feb. 2008) I can't run everywhere because... well quite frankly, I can't show up sweaty all of the time! In lieu of the run, I have been working on my walking form which I think will likely come in handy in the future with my ultra marathons.

Its about quality and quantity and I'm excited!

Watch the miles tick up on the sidebar! I know I will be!

Time to focus and Rock-n-Roll for 2009!

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