Friday, January 14, 2011

Train I Must!

Sooo... it's been a great week of training!

I mean, while many people are still sleeping off their last can of Ol' Bullfrog from the night before, I am out running.

And while many are watching Wheel of Fortune at night, I'm running home from work.  Tonight will be my 3rd day in a row of run-commuting after work.  

I know, a lot of folks don't understand and that's OK.  I thought about that last night as I was standing in about 10" of fresh snow on my run home.  It occurred to me that "Crazy" is different for each person.  What a lot of people think of as unreal, crazy, maybe even ridiculous... such as running through 10" of snow for five miles after working for 12 hours; for others like myself, is the only option.  What seems crazy to me is sitting inside, in front of a TV, eating bon-bons (sp), just because its cold outside.  Yes... maybe in the moment on one level... it sucks, hurts (a lot) and maybe I even want to quit, but on a whole different level... I am energized, invigorated and empowered beyond your wildest imagination just knowing I'm doing it!

I keep going back to the same statement in my head: "A 100 mile ultramarathon won't care what excuses you had for not training enough when you're ready to quit at mile 75!"  Quitting is not an option!

That's it...

Train I Must...

No excuses!

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