Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Find Your Inspiration

I have to say my training has been crazy lately... in a good way!

I don't think I've felt this good running since I was in my early twenties.  Oh sure, there are those times when I just really don't feel like it and yet once I get out there everything just really seems to flow!

At 46, I think it is all together possible that I could set a 5k PR at any time just pick a race and go.  I am not specifically training for speed in fact quite the contrary, I'm really just looking to put in the miles and drop the final few pounds of body fat that have plagued me for the last several years of my life.  Still I find my speed dramatically improving.

Some of it may very well be attributed to the Run/Walk training I mentioned the other day.  What's been happening is that because I am in essence getting a small rest during the walk periods my run is at a much quicker pace.

Hurray for Galloway!

It may also be that I have really been putting my nose to the grindstone so to speak.  I am currently doing a series of two a days.  Training longer in the morning, maybe a couple of hours and then coming back later in the day and doing a quick 5k around the neighborhood.  My favorite 5k route takes me just down along the ocean front and then back up a couple of nice little hills before reaching home.

But from the title of this post you can tell all of this training talk is not the subject I want to talk about.  No, instead I want to talk about what really pushed me in the last few weeks to put the hammer down.

A while back I mentioned that I was going to be working with a group of individuals as a Team Trainer for the Momentum Walk-It Challenge sponsored by Weight Watchers.  It has been an incredible experience to say the least.  I am working with a group here in Santa Monica and then also offering training advice to others online.

These folks have got me totally fired up!

The level of exercise experience is wide open.  I have some folks who haven't done anything in years and some who have been involved in some form of exercise albeit maybe not consistent all along.  More importantly, they all have made a real commitment to improving their health through exercise and most are really putting in the effort to improve themselves.  Everyday I see reports from them as to the workouts they did and its impressive.  Not just the numbers, but also the excitement and enthusiasm they show when they complete another day with activity and they feel better.

I can tell by their words that each one of them is feeling better about themselves because of their renewed commitment to being active.  How totally inspiring!

And so, me being the trainer can't think of a better reason to be even more committed to my training.

I guess its true... sometimes the student becomes the master!

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