Friday, January 9, 2009


Who says big guys and gals can't run?

Whoever it is has probably never met me and you!

When I run a race I don't line up at the front with all of the little elites in their tiny shorts and form fitted racing singlets and racing flats. No... I'd much rather run them down from behind one by one! It's much more fun when they can hear you coming and can't do a thing about it... but watch and wonder... Who is that guy?

This site is for every big runner out their who loves to run even though people look at you funny when you tell them. It's for all of us who know we'll never be classified as an elite because we don't fit the bill.

If you've ever run a race as a Clydesdale or Athena, or even considered it but didn't want to be singled out because of your size... this site is for you!

And it's about sharing stories about what those of us who are larger than average do to train, compete and get motivated in a world filled with 130 pound super stars.

Whether you're just looking for advice on how to get started moving again or looking for ways to get really fit and even be competitive, you'll find it here!

Welcome to Big Bad Runners!

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